Female in a bright green pleated skirt with a grey sweater and multicolored scarf standing next to work benches in a studio setting

Momentum Spring 2023

Building RISD's Future, Together.

Spring 2023

In the latest issue of Momentum, we celebrate the RISD Museum and the many experiences that make RISD unique. Read how the generosity of our donors helps make possible our students' explorations of a studio practice that reimagines relationships, incorporates the natural world and a sustainable approach, and underlines the importance of arts and design education. Learn about how advocacy and support of the RISD Museum ensure that this essential public resource is open and accessible to our community for future generations.

A Culture of Care

In this issue, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about different ways people make meaning via museums: experiencing exhibitions together, quietly contemplating a work of art, discovering a new cultural tradition, studying an artifact intensely, or donating their time, resources and expertise.

Our students also share stories about how they learned to strengthen connections in new ways during the pandemic’s most isolating days. I’m in awe of how their enthusiasm and resolve have grown and how they discovered new possibilities and passions through art making.

The Great Connector

John Beug P 05 loved helping artists find their way. A fund created in his memory keeps that spirit alive.

Painting with Thread

Kevin Wu 23 TX weaves colors and textures from the natural world into his designs.

Ripple Effect

Susie Matthews MAT 98/ MFA 04 CR underlines the importance of arts education.

In the Studio, Again

Emily Van Heusen 24 PR had a long journey back to RISD, but now she’s exactly where she needs to be.

Advocates and Ambassadors

For nearly 70 years, the RISD Museum Associates have championed art as an essential public resource.

From the Ground Up

Aleece Mount MLA 23 reimagines the relationship between people and places.

Making Time for What Matters

For Dr. Andrew Green, serving on the RISD Museum’s Fine Arts Committee is a labor of love.

Unique and Exceptional

Karen Hammond wants you to make RISD part of your legacy.

RISD Contains Multitudes

What kind of place is Rhode Island School of Design?