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Pulling on the Thread

The Alumni Association is pleased to present Pulling on the Thread, a podcast featuring interviews with members of the RISD alumni community of artists, designers, founders, and entrepreneurs.

Guests for the inaugural series will include Roz Chast 77 PT, Jill Greenberg 89 PH, Angela Guzman 06 ID/MFA 09 GD, Rose B. Simpson MFA 11 CR, Bob Dilworth 73 PT, Silas Munro 03 GD and Brian Johnson 05 GD.

Our first season will launched on March 29th with two episodes.

New episodes will be released on Mondays and you can find episodes here or on your favorite podcast streaming service.

You can reach podcast host Lois Harada 10 PR at alumni@risd.edu.

Logo and illustrations created by Suerynn Lee 12 PR

Season 1 Trailer