Collection of alumni book covers.

Fleet Library at RISD Alumni Collection

Fleet Library and the RISD Alumni Association have joined forces to establish a new book collection featuring alumni authors, illustrators, designers and publishers.  

The Fleet Library at RISD Alumni Collection highlights and celebrates RISD’s creative publishing community. The collection currently contains more than four hundred titles, including books and other materials, and it spans a wide range of subjects, including art and design, fiction, children’s literature, food, memoirs, social justice and more. Each item has a special bookplate to identify it as part of the collection. The bookplates recognize the alumni and their contributions to the published work, and they acknowledge donors.

If you are a RISD graduate with published work you would like included in this collection, please visit or call 401 709-5900 for more information about how to donate your publication.

Exhibition catalogs and books about alumni may be donated to the library's main collection, but are not catalogued with the Alumni Collection. The Alumni Collection is reserved for publications in which alumni have contributed in some way as an author, illustrator, designer, etc.