Alumni Association

RISD Alumni Association

Sixty-seven alumni founded the RISD Alumni Association on June 2, 1894. They made it their mission to strengthen ties among alumni and to support students at RISD. We are proud to follow in their footsteps today.

The RISD Alumni Association is your lifelong connection to RISD, serves as the voice of more than 30,000 alumni living worldwide and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the college.

All graduates from RISD are members of the Alumni Association – a potent network of creative leaders who champion RISD and one another. Alumni also enjoy a variety of benefits and access to exclusive programs. 

Photo of alumni at a class dinner in the Fleet Library at RISD

The mission of the Alumni Association is to engage alumni, students and friends to support the advancement of RISD.

We are a diverse network of creative professionals and serve as a hub where alumni can engage with RISD through learning, volunteering and philanthropy. Check out our growing number of regional clubs, affinity groups and volunteer opportunities--and be sure to share your news and events with us!

Rex Wong BArch 03
Vice President

Alumni Association Leadership Council 

Executive Committee
President Rex Wong BArch 03, Executive Committee
Jen White 01 PH, Executive Committee

At Large Committee
Charles Brill 06 FD
Tino Chow 09 ID
Michael Gabellini BArch 81
Jill Greenberg 89 PH
Kristin Murphy MAT 96

Committee Chairs
Greg Kanaan 02 FAV, Affinity Groups Committee
Jon Key 13 GD, Awards Committee co-chair
Jarrett Key MFA 20 PT, Awards Committee co-chair
Amy Gregg 92 GD, Clubs Committee
Ryan Cunningham 02 FAV, Mentorship Committee
Krista Ninivaggi BArch 02, Mentorship Committee
Terry Beaty 84 GL, Nomination Committee
Leah Marchant 20 ID, Recent Alumni Committee
Nelson Saavedra 16 FAV, Recent Alumni Committee
Amy Cohen 76 TX, RISD Serves Committee
Li June Choi 24 GD, Student Alumni Committee
Becky Fong Hughes 05 GD, Traditions Committee
Mindy Home 99 IL, Traditions Committee

Past Alumni Association Leadership