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Apr 2021

Episode 4 | Jill Greenberg

Original air date: April 12, 2021

Black & White Portrait of a woman with light hair and a black shirt
Jill Greenberg by Suerynn Lee 12 PR

Jill Greenberg 89 PH is a well renowned photographer and artist based in New York City. Her colorful, saturated style is easily recognizable through her fine art and commercial work.

We talked about her paintings in this episode as well as some upcoming projects. The newest series of paintings will be on display from September 10-24, 2022 at BAU-XI GALLERY in Toronto, Ontario.

Find more of Jill’s work below:

Abstract work with deep jewel tone colors in peach, red, teal, green
Jill Greenberg
Abstract work with swirling colors in shades of pink, purple, red and green
Jill Greenberg

We also talked about NFTs in this episode and the RISD Alumni Association and RISD Parents Association is hosting a free panel discussion on May 5th, "Digital Gold? What artists need to know about NFTs".