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Apr 2021

Episode 5 | Bob Dilworth

Original air date: April 19, 2021

Image is a black and white portrait of a man in a plaid shirt

Bob Dilworth 73 PT is a painter living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. In this episode host Lois Harada and Bob talked about "Silvy T.", a work he finished during the pandemic, based on a former enslaved woman known for her psychic abilities. He has also been working on a graphic novel and has used the pandemic and his new retirement to focus in on that project.

Bob’s canvases are layered — incorporating thick layers of paint, textiles, and stencils. Figures often appear and are modeled on his friends and family. His grandson is pictured in “Silvy T.” below five repeated figures representing Silvy and modeled by Sylvia Ann Soares, an activist and performer in Rhode Island.

Painting of a woman repeated 5 times with two young men and a baby
Silvy T, Acrylic paint on canvas, 99"h x 83"w, 2021
5 men facing different directions
Camouflage, Acrylic paint, 109"h x 83"w, 2020
Painting of a man painting a mural
The Muralist, Acrylic paint, marker, spray paint on canvas, 109"h x 83"w, work in progress

See more of Bob's work at his gallery or follow him on Instagram