Chaotic Networks

Starts: Fri, February 16, 2024 at 7:00PM
Ends: Sat, February 17, 2024 at 10:00PM
Reception: Fri, February 16, 2024, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Seoyoung Kim 23 PT launched Site, a variable experience and curation service. For the inaugural exhibition Site 001. Chaotic Networks, 16 artists including 10 alumni are exhibiting their works.

Site 001. Chaotic Networks

February 16-17, 2024
Studio 45, 213 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Seoyoung Kim
Identity and Design by Amu Lee

Soeun Bae
Felix Benton
Hyoju Cheon
Iris Culver
Matthew Cuschieri
Frank Dallas
Hunter Durand
Emelia Friend
Geena Kim
Seoyoung Kim
Leo Je-Eon Lee
Craig Jun Li
Yujia Li
Julian E. Linares
Izzy Yang
Se Young Yim

Site presents Chaotic Networks, a collective experience of building connections through the occupation of space. 16 artists come together to take part in reconstructing a composition of space as a whole.

Launching Site as a platform, Chaotic Networks unfolds a new narrative without the division of disciplines through togethering contexts and perspectives. Reconfiguring relationships of one another’s practice and product through a collective approach, Chaotic Networks reimagines interdependency in exhibitions settings, evoking exchanges of perspectives by creating a new sense of tension and embedding onto one another.