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Apr 2022

Season 3 | Episode 1: Emiko Davies

Black and white portrait of Emiko Davies in a white cardigan and broach
Emiko Davies by Suerynn Lee 12 PR

Host Lois Harada 10 PR sat down with Emiko Davies 02 PR, a cookbook author based in Tuscany. They spoke right before the release of her fifth cookbook, Cinnamon & Salt, featuring Venetian recipes and history. Her previous books , Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence (2016), Acquacotta (2017), Tortellini at Midnight (2019) and Torta della Nonna (2021) all highlight regional cuisines of Italy where she settled after studying art conservation.

Visit Emiko’s website for more information about her cookbooks, her blog and some recipes to try out. Her Instagram is full of fabulous food photos too!