Amman Ya Amman
Nov 2019

Two Alumni Collaborate: "Amman Ya Amman" Exhibition in Jordan

Sama El Saket exhibited a series of intaglio prints titled 'Amman Ya Amman' along with Nadine Zaza, at Amman Design Week in Jordan.

This was part of  an exhibition themed Possibilities curated by Noura Al Sayeh Holtrop. The work weaves nostalgia and imagination through a collective narrative of those in the city and their image of a future Amman. The prints represent a series of urban imaginaries. We explore the role of the imaginary as a means for gaining insight into the way each individual perceives their physical surroundings and envisions their aspirations for the future, by looking further into the deeper normative notions and images that underlie these expectations. Urban imaginaries are a useful tool for turning the city’s architectural and urban concerns into opportunities for reinvention. That is achieved through the reversal of modern top down visions of the city, with the goal of understanding urban life through the lens of the everyday actions of inhabitants.

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