Tom Flint FilmBuilding Malden
Aug 2023

Filmbuilding Malden

Tom Flint MA 18 AE leads an an exciting community-wide filmmaking project called Filmbuilding Malden.

Based on an educational initiative he began upon graduating from RISD, Filmbuilding Malden is an experiment in building bridges of change within an incredibly diverse community by involving a cross-section of its residents in co-creating short films that explore their community identity. A critical, creative placemaking component also reimagines the filmgoing experience by inviting community and city members to experience the finished films in targeted locations. Filmbuilding Malden has scheduled screenings throughout September and October.

The City of Malden, MA, provided funding for the pilot of this program. Tom and his team hope to replicate it in communities around the country to address much of the divisiveness we face through the collaborative arts.

If you are interested in attending a screening of the finished Filmbuilding Malden projects, visit the Urban Media Arts Website for more information. The events are free, but an rsvp is required. 

For more information on Tom's work visit

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FilmBuilding Malden
Film Building Malden