A person holding up a promotional flyer for RISD Latin+ (más)

RISD Latin+ (más)

RISD Latin+ (más) aims to be a social group for alumni of Latin American nationalities and heritage, to celebrate our diverse cultures and create a community of artists, designers, and makers of all types. We call our group “Latin+” to encompass all of the hyphens, backgrounds, religions, gender identities and nationalities that being Latin American encompasses.

In the same way as Latin America’s diverse and complex landscapes exist, our diverse cultures, ethnicities, traditions and beliefs vary as well. Our activities and events will aim to be as varied as our cultures, and may take place both virtually and within our communities. We want to share, network, learn and make together.

Find us at this year's Reunion Weekend Affinity Group Reception!

Group Leadership

Valeria Ramirez Ensastiga MA 20 NCSS, Volunteer Leader
Kasey Ramirez 08 IL, Volunteer Leader
Lucila Silva-Santisteban MLA 17, Volunteer Leader
Yaniv Waisman 94 FAV, Volunteer Leader


Image credit: Matthew Watson 09 FAV