Club of Rhode Island Book Club Meeting


RISD READS brings the RISD alumni community together—in person and virtually—through books with the theme of creativity.

RISD READS online member platform

In this private online community, powered by PBC Guru, alumni will connect with each other to read and discuss books on a range of topics, as well as member-submitted recommendations. The group will spend approximately two months on each book, so you'll have plenty of time to read. Alumni volunteers will continue to host live Zoom discussions for every book. In addition to our alumni-led discussions, you are invited to PBC Guru’s Author Talk Series. Please note that these free talks are organized by PBC Guru and not RISD READS alumni volunteers, and that you must sign up on the platform for registration and invitations.

There is no cost to participate–you just have to get a copy of the book to enjoy.

Group Leadership

Patricia Childers 86 GD, Volunteer Leader
Alexandra Gadawski MArch 15, Volunteer Leader
Ruth-Anne Siegel 86 GD, Volunteer Leader

What are we reading?

January–February 2023
The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression & Reflection
by Anne H. Berry (Editor), Kareem Collie (Editor), Penina Acayo Laker (Editor), Lesley-Ann Noel (Editor), Jennifer Rittner (Editor), Kelly Walters (Editor)

An anthology centering a range of perspectives, and spotlighting teaching practices, research, stories, and conversations from a Black/African diasporic lens. RISD’s own Kelly Walters MFA 15 GD is an editor.

Join us for a virtual meeting co-hosted by RISD READS and RISD Black Alumni​ in February 2023. ​Or you can chime in on the PBC Guru platform from January 6–March 10, 2023.


Take it from your fellow alumni:

  • “Inspiration in my artistic practice and life in general”
  • “Exposure to books I wouldn't normally pick”
  • “The conversation was candid, deep, moving and timely. I was glad people felt comfortable enough to open up and connect.”
  • “(The discussion host) did a brilliant job. Her questions personalized and brought everyone into the discussion.”