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RISD Alumni in UI/UX

Join the RISD Alumni in UI/UX affinity group to build meaningful relationships, make career connections, engage with current students and fellow alumni, and grow professionally.

This affinity group brings together RISD alumni with various experiences in the field, from a desire to learn more about UI/UX to advancing one's career. We also want to offer a space to share projects and exchange ideas, as well as to look for new opportunities and find talent. Through the group, RISD alumni can also look for mentorship opportunities.

We plan to offer various types of programming, such as networking meetups, panels, portfolio reviews, showcases, and book club meetings. Also, feel free to join us and recommend your own ideas for gatherings!

To stay updated, indicate your interest in this affinity group through the button below. Also, join us on Slack:

Anqi Xiao MID 16, Leader
Lily Fan 16 ID, Facilitator + People Connector

Anqi Xiao
MID 16
Lily Fan
16 ID