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COVID-19 Resources

We are here to help you during these difficult times. Below you will find a list of resources for financial relief, grant opportunities and online resource guides.

Ad Relief

If you or an advertising industry peer has had an accident or is experiencing some form of life crisis, and  is unable to work and can’t afford outstanding bills, Ad Relief is here to lend a hand and help people get back on their feet.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be an advertising agency
  • Be an advertising-related employee of broadcast properties, newspapers and magazines, internet providers, digital advertising properties, outdoor & Out of Home media
  • Be an art director, designer, copywriter, photographer in the Industry of Paid Advertising Campaigns and/or demonstrating a full body of work in Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Be a direct marketing advertiser
  • Be an advertising sales representative firm
  • Be an in-house advertising department

To learn more please visit their website.

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts offers an extensive list of resources and opportunities available for artists dealing with the financial impact of COVID-19.

To learn more please visit their website.

Artist Relief

Artist Relief will distribute $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19; serve as an ongoing informational resource; and co-launch the COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers, designed by Americans for the Arts, to better identify and address the needs of artists.

Any individual artist in any discipline whose income has been impacted by COVID19-related cancellations and closures may apply for emergency relief and support.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a practicing artist able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to my work, career, and a public audience
  • Be experiencing dire financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be able to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) after I’ve been notified of my selection
  • Have been living and working in the U.S. for the last two years
  • Can not be a full-time employee, board member, director, officer, or immediate family member of any of the coalition partners
  • Have not previously been awarded a relief grant from this fund

To learn more please visit their website.

Arts & Cultural Leaders of Color Fellowship

The Arts and Cultural Leaders of Color Emergency Fund is intended to help those pursuing careers as artists or arts administrators whose income has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a ONE-TIME micro grant of $200.

To be eligible you must be:

  • A US-based BIPOC artist or administrator

To apply please visit their website.

Boston Opportunity Fund

The Boston Opportunity Fund provides grants of up to $1,000 to support individual artists and local arts events planned by artists.

The Boston Career Development Grant  is for artists living in the City of Boston who want to pursue one-time artistic opportunities to further their career can apply for $500 or $1,000 grants.

To be eligible you must:

  • Live in the City of Boston
  • Have an annual total household income that is less than 65% of the area median income (AMI), or $51,600/year

The Community Arts Experiences and Events Grant is for artists and teaching artists who would like to bring free arts experiences into a Boston community can apply for $1,000. We focus on neighborhoods that have a lower concentration of arts activities open to the public.

To be eligible you must:

  • Take place in the City of Boston
  • Be free and open to the public

To learn more please visit their website.

Carnegie Fund for Authors

Carnegie Fund for Authors awards grants to American authors who have been published by a mainstream publisher and who are in need of emergency funds.

To learn more please visit their website.

CERF+ Emergency Assistance

Artists interested in CERF+ emergency assistance must first complete an inquiry form. If it is determined that you may be eligible for assistance, you will be invited to apply for assistance.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be working in a Craft Discipline--CERF+ broadly defines eligible artists to be inclusive of all materials-based artists regardless of whether they use “craft” to describe themselves
  • Have experienced a recent, unforeseen emergency or triggering event that has significantly and adversely affected your ability to produce, exhibit and/or market your work and, thus, creates the need for immediate assistance*
  • Have resided and worked in the U.S. or U.S. Territories for the last two years

*Due to the high demand for emergency relief assistance and limited funding, cases based solely on economic losses due to COVID-19 are not eligible

To learn more please visit their site.

Chicago Dancers United

Chicago Dancers United is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization that improves the lives of dance professionals by cultivating pathways to holistic wellness of the body, mind and spirit; and providing financial support to those diagnosed with a critical health need.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be experiencing a medically-based financial loss and/or hardship 
  • Live and work in the Chicago area and have proof of Illinois residency
  • Be a practicing or retired professional in the dance community and can provide examples of my creative work
  • Be older than 18 years of age

Craft Future Funds

The Craft Futures Fund will support craft communities throughout the United States and their creative responses to COVID-19. These one-time, unrestricted grants of $5,000 will be disbursed to craft-based education projects that seed resilience, foster community, and amplify impact.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be able to receive taxable income in the U.S
  • Reside and work in the U.S. or its territories for the last two years and for the duration of the grant period proposed by the applicant

Creative Capital

Creative Capital offers free online workshops related to COVID and has other resources for creatives.

Foundation for Contemporary Artists

FCA is focusing on addressing the extraordinary need in the arts community as a result of COVID-19. If you are an artist who has suffered financial losses as the result of a project cancelation or postponement due to COVID-19 you can apply for relief through the FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund.

Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union is a fast-growing organization representing the 56.7 million independent workers across the country. They give their members a powerful voice through policy advocacy, benefits, and community. Freelancers and independent artists can access their COVID-19 resources.

To learn more please visit their website.

Grantmakers in the Arts

Grantmakers in the Arts is sharing resources and guidance on COVID-19 and encouraging grantmakers to support their grantees by treating their funding flexibly in these difficult and rapidly shifting circumstances.

To learn more please visit their website.

Musicians Foundation

Musicians Foundation has helped sustain the creative life of thousands of musicians throughout the United States since 1914. The Musicians Foundation CV19 Emergency Aid Grant Program offers a one-time grant of up to $200 that is available to professional performers, educators and composers.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a professional musician with five (5) or more years of experience performing, teaching, or composing in the United States
  • Earn the majority of your income from any combination of performing, teaching, or composing*
  • File taxes as a musician. Applicants are required to submit fully completed and filed 2018 or 2019 1040 tax return documentation
  • Have the following additional documentation: professional musician materials (resume, biography, website, etc.) and proof of work cancellation (emails, letters, other correspondence)

* If you were enrolled in any musical education program or institution (for performance, education, or composition) within the last five years, you are not eligible. You must have five or more years of professional experience after graduating from your most recent musical degree program to qualify.

Individuals currently receiving pensions, unemployment, social security, or disability assistance are unfortunately not eligible for the CV19 Emergency Aid Grant Program.

To learn more please visit their website.

National Coalition for Arts' Preparedness & Emergency Response

As a voluntary task force of national, regional, state and local arts organizations, public agencies and foundations, the Coalition helps ensure that artists, arts/cultural organizations, cultural funders and arts businesses have the capacity and ability to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies affecting the arts and culture sector. They have provided a list of resources for artists and organizations.

To learn more please visit their website.

New England Foundation of the Arts

The New England Foundation for the Arts supports artists across many forms of expression and many geographies, connecting them with collaborators and communities, fueling creative exchange and public discourse, and strengthening the creative economy.

As the COVID-19 public health crisis intensifies, NEFA is monitoring developments and has assembled resources to share with the arts and culture sector.

To learn more please visit their website.

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts is committed to creating, amplifying, and sharing resources to support artists and communities, always as part of our mission, and at this time especially. They have created a page with an evolving list of resources for information, exchange, and support in this time.

To learn more please visit their website.

The Actors Fund

To help the community during this public health crisis, The Actors Fund has partnered with other entertainment industry organizations to provide emergency financial assistance to those in immediate financial need.The Actors Fund has also created a resources section as an ongoing collaborative effort to provide a one-stop database of services and organizations that meet the unique and essential needs of the arts and entertainment professional.

The Artists' Fellowship

The Artists’ Fellowship provides emergency aid to professional fine artists and their families in times of sickness, natural disaster, bereavement or unexpected extreme hardship.

To learn more please visit their website.

The Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.

To be eligible you must:

  • Have been a working comic book writer, penciler, inker, colorist or letterer on a work-for-hire basis for no less than 10 years since January 1, 1934
  • Provide evidence of financial need
  • Demonstrate to the Hero Disbursement Committee adequate evidence of financial need via verbal and written documentation.


To learn more please visit their website.

The New York Foundation for the Arts

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is a nonprofit service organization that empowers working artists and emerging arts organizations across all disciplines at critical stages in their creative lives and professional/organizational development. Each year, NYFA provides over $3 million in cash grants to individuals pursuing artistic excellence in all forms.

To learn more please visit their website.