Francesca Scott 82 PH

Black Alumni Reunion

Thursday, May 30–Sunday, June 2, 2024

We want to honor our Black history at RISD. Without the resilience of those who came before us, we would not be here today. We are moving through time from the past to the future, rediscovering and projecting new possibilities for our Black Alumni. We recognize the labor and discipline it takes to overcome the systematic structures that seek to limit our creative access and advancement. Owning our legacy preserves our future.

Together, we will define a “New Space”. This is our history to remember. Our time to redefine.

2024 Events Schedule 

Thursday, May 30

6-7:30 pm
Nancy Prophet Museum Tour & Conversation ft BAAD Students

In partnership with the RISD Museum, Black Students and Alumni will take a private tour of Nancy Prophet: I Will Not Bend an Inch. Our private tour will be followed by a panel discussion open to the community, featuring BAAD graduating students, Black faculty, and Black Alumni.
Location: RISD Museum

Friday, May 31

Welcome Black Alumni and Congratulations Students

Celebrate Black Alumni and Students at our informal welcome gathering. Connect over light refreshments and grab a Black Alumni swag bag to take home.
Location: Ewing House

4-6:30 pm
Black Biennial Reception

Join us for a closing reception for the RISD Black Biennial celebrating RISD's Black Artists and Designers. The first half of the evening will be a private reception for Black Alumni Reunion attendees and BAAD students. During the second part of the evening, the Black Alumni Affinity Group invites all affinity groups and members of the community to join the reception from 5-6:30 pm.
Location: Gelman Gallery / Moore Terrace

Saturday, June 1

1:30-4 pm
RISD Black Alumni Family Reunion & Cookout

After Commencement join us for a BBQ style cookout with food, music by DJ Jess, games with prizes and a group photo.
Location: MET Upper Quad

Sunday, June 2

11 am-12:30 pm
“What are we up to” Brunch

Live conversation with alumni over brunch as we consider what’s next for our community.
Location: The MET

RISD Black Alumni Reunion Advisory Board 

Ashleigh Axios 08 GD, RISD Board of Trustees
Vincent Brathwaite 05 ID, Black Alumni Affinity Group Chair
Jess Brown MID 09
Jevon Brown 23 TX
Gabrielle Bullock 84 AR, RISD Board of Trustees
Tiffany Cooper 12 FAV*
Karen Harris 86 IL P 18 P 13*
Judith Michelle Hill 77 TX
Tony Johnson 93 SC
Jarrett Key MFA 20 PT, Co-Chair, Alumni Association Awards Committee
Jon Key 13 GD, Co-Chair, Alumni Association Awards Committee
Rey Londres 22 PH
Cheryl D. Miller 71 HD 22
Alison Croney Moses 06 FD
Rene Payne 83 GD, Black Alumni Reunion Advisory Board Chair
A. Odell Richardson 79 AR
Francesca Scott 82 PH*
Keita Turner 91 AP

*RISD Black Alumni Affinity Group


Lead photo credit: Francesca Scott 82 PH